When asked to name a favorite brass item, many people will immediately mention brass a candlestick or a chandelier. Mostly because of the striking appearance of brass lighting items. However these items easily tarnish, and that is where we can help. Sure, it is easy enough to get the brass polish and spent some time polishing all the little crannies inherent is brass lighting fixtures. The problem is that the brass immediately begins to tarnish again (that is what brass does).

If it is chandelier, that also means taking disconnecting the wiring and taking the fixture down for the ceiling. This is not a fun thing to do and you run the risk of damaging the fixture. Also if the fixture is electrified, the internal wiring can become damaged resulting in a fire hazard. Most light fixtures are handled accordingly...

The existing lacquer finish is removed, the item is than thoroughly polished to the finish you request. The final step is to coat the item with a tough coat of catalyzed lacquer for long-lasting durability. It will be many years before the unit will show any signs of wear. If the item has been electrified and you request, we will completely rewire the fixture including new bulb sockets.

NOTE: If you have brass or nickel plated items (test with magnet), tell us ahead of time so that we are able to recommend the proper method of repair and refinishing.

Before and after - Brass Kitchen Lamp