Ever watched PBS’s Antique Roadshow and watched a review of what the owner thought was a valuable piece of antique furniture only to find that the brass pulls were replacements. But ... if they had been original, the piece would be worth many times as much. Since the antique hardware can be worth just as much as the piece itself, it is worth a few dollars to have the items professionally repaired and the antique finish restored.


The preferred finish for fine brass hardware is to clean to remove any corrosion, polish only to an “antique finish” and apply clear lacquer. Some do not like the lacquer finish, but we recommend it to keep the brass from further tarnishing. This, in turn, eliminates future repolishing which, in a lot of cases, damages the surrounding wood surface.

Pulls, Hinges, etc.

We specialize in refinishing and repairing antique drawer pulls, hinges, door / drawer locks, corners, trunk hardware and most other brass furniture and household items. We will refinish the brass hardware to your specifications … bright, semi-polished, antiqued and lacquered / unlacquered.

NOTE: If you have brass or nickel plated items (test with magnet), tell us ahead of time so that we are able to recommend the proper method of repair and refinishing.