You may select your preferred finish … bright, brushed, satin and if you want your items to be lacquer coated.

Vintage Fixtures

Replacing a vintage fixture often takes time and a significant amount of money for an authentic piece to be located and purchased. For this reason, many homeowners have decided to restore the beauty of their existing vintage kitchen / bath fixtures by refinishing them at a much lower cost.

Nickel Plate

p>If your item is nickel plated, the plating can either be stripped to the brass or nickel re-plated with a bright or brushed finish. We strive to keep existing packings, faucet washers and gaskets in tack, however some of these items may need to be replaced by your plumber.

Can my item be restored?

The next question becomes … can my item be restored? Kitchen / bath fixtures made of brass, copper or nickel plate are normally good candidate for refinishing. Questionable items are faucets, showerheads etc. that are not working, frozen and / or badly pitted. Best way to find out is to take photos and contact one of our restoration specialists, either by email of by phone